Are Snapchat Face Filters and Other Features Causing Accidents?

Over the last several years, millions of Snapchat users have pulled out their phones to access Snapchat while driving or riding in a car. One of the most popular features on Snapchat is the filters. Almost all teenagers and colleges students on Snapchat have used the face filters to make funny or weird faces. Whether they are trying to improve their smile or make themselves look like they are wearing makeup, users are in love with these filters.

Sadly, while driving a vehicle, Snapchat users tend to try to make these faces. This can be extremely dangerous as it takes time for the face filters to load and it takes even more time to go through them all to see which ones will be best to use. This is a huge distraction when it comes to driving.

Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done to change this type of behavior. Snapchat has tried to remove the speed filter to get teenagers to stop using the app while driving, but that has not helped. In fact, when driving around a high school or college, it is quite clear that many of these individuals are on their phones using Snapchat.

So, what can be done to adjust this behavior? Do you think Snapchat should find a way to lock the app when the phone is moving at a certain rate of speed?

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