Snapchat Speed Filter Blamed for 107 MPH Accident

Snapchat, a popular image messaging application offers a filter that allows users to share how fast they are traveling while they take selfies. Recently, a victim of a car crash blamed Snapchat’s speed filter for the traumatic brain injuries he endured as a result of the accident.

Plantiff Wentworth Maynard merged on a four lane highway right outside of Atlanta when his vehicle was hit so intensely that it flew across the left lane into the left lane embankment.

The driver of the car that struck Maynard, Christal McGee was playing with her phone, attempting to use the Snapchat speed filter when the accident occurred. Lawyers state that McGee was trying to travel 100 mph so that she could capture her speed on Snapchat.

According to a passenger in McGee’s car, she had reached 113 while on the Snapchat filter. When the two cars collided, the speed was at 107 mph when the actual speed limit was 55.

Since she was preoccupied with the Snapchat speed filter, McGee failed to notice a gray Mitsubishi pull out onto the road. She continued to use the app while she was on a gurney in the ambulance with her face covered in blood. Her caption on this snap was “lucky to be alive.”

To help pay for medical bills, Maynard and his wife have decided to sue both Snapchat and McGee. After spending five weeks in the intensive care unit to treat a serious brain injury, Maynard is now unable to work and relies on a walker or wheelchair to move. At the time of the accident, Maynard was driving for Uber.

The lawsuit reinforces the fact that Snapchat has chosen to keep the speed filter available to its users despite the previous crashes that were prompted by drivers using the app while driving at high speeds. Attorney Shane Peagler released a statement explaining that this is a product liability case. Snapchat added a filter to the market without any safety considerations.

Although a Snapchat representative made no comments regarding the lawsuit, he mentioned that a warning that states the app should not be used while driving has always been included.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident due to negligence by a careless driver, contact a personal injury lawyer today. There have been a number of press releases and news articles that have been published over the last several months that have highlighted some of the issues when it comes to Snapchat vehicular accidents. As we learn more about these accidents we will publish them on this website through out blog. Feel free to reach out to us if you hear or see any Snapchat accidents near your home town.

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