Snapchat Speed Filter at 115 mph Causes Crash

Snapchat is an app meant for sending silly pictures that disappear within a certain timeframe.

But one of the app’s photo filters might be the reason behind a deadly car crash that was caught on the app.

Users can take pictures and video before sliding through a selection of filters, including one that shows a speedometer. A video showed driver Pablo Cortes III and passenger Jolie Bartolome traveling at more than 115 miles per hour.

Minutes after the clip was posted, Cortes drove his Volkswagen Golf across a median and crashed his vehicle head-on into a minivan, causing it to burst into flames. He died in the accident, as did Bartolome; three passengers in the minivan died as well. Three others were sent to the hospital with injuries.

This isn’t the first time a Snapchat video has preceded a serious accident. Atlanta driver Christal McGee recorded a video from behind the wheel showing her car traveling at 100 miles per hour for the social media application before sharing it to her story. Shortly after, she crashed her car.

Spokespeople for Snapchat reminded users that they should never Snapchat from behind the wheel of a car; they added a warning message to the app as well, reminding users on the screen not to snap and drive.

Of course, not everyone will heed the warnings of authorities, no matter how dangerous a certain behavior has proven to be. And, with others making dangerous decisions on the roads around you, you aren’t always in control of your safe-driving experience.

Snapchat car accidents are becoming more and more common. Many car accident lawyers throughout the United States are encouraging teens and millennials to put their smartphones away when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Hopefully, we will see fewer vehicular accidents caused by Snapchat or other social media apps in the near future.


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