Snapchatting While Driving and the Consequences

Snapchat can cause distractions whether you’re just in bed, at home, and especially if you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle. I know that when you turn 16 and get your license, you want to do anything and everything you can to let everyone know you’ve gotten it. And it is the same concept when you get a car.

Honestly, in the past it has served as a distraction for me. But, after one of my friends was involved in an almost deadly accident, that caused them to be in the hospital for 14 months, and in a coma for five of those, I decided to put down my phone. They were in a brand new car. They had only had it for a few months. It was a beautiful day, so they were being a typical teenager…when they got distracted by trying to have that perfect snap and drove over the center line. They hit someone head on. The drivers of the other car sustained injuries, but they weren’t life threatening. My friend on the other hand; It wasn’t the same scenario.

Snapchat is one of the main sources of communication for our generation. With that being said, people use their Snapchat all the time. And sometimes, it can have some pretty severe consequences if you use it behind the wheel of a car. There is even a note at the bottom of the speed filter that reads “DO NOT SNAP AND DRIVE!”. Since I live in a county that has the highest teen accident and fatality rating in the state, I vowed a long time ago that I will not use my phone while I am driving, unless it is an emergency. I know that snapchat being used while people are driving has caused quite a few accidents. I don’t know how many of them were fatal, but I do know that there have been a few fatalities.

Snapchat has the speed filter which allows you to document your speed. I know that I have used this filter while I am flying, so the speed limit to which it can reach is literally sky high, (yes, pun intended). So, to know that it goes as high as an airplane can fly, I know that it is making reckless teenagers want to go as fast as they can to make themselves seem “cool” or whatever they think it makes them look to their peers.

Well, how “cool” you look will not really matter when you’ve crashed your car due to trying to go as fast as you can to impress that girl you’ve been talking to. Your life is more important than a snap. Don’t Snapchat and drive. If it is that important, pull over to do it. Don’t put your life, and other people’s lives in danger because of a snapchat.

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